Brooklyn-Based Video Game Artist Mark Essen Has Cazy New Games!

01/10/2011 4:50 PM |

Turbo Turbo TUrbo by Mark Essen

Mark Essen, the young Brooklyn-based video game artist who brought the emerging field to the fore when he was included in the New Museum’s Generational exhibition, has designed three nuts-o new games for Adult Swim.

There’s Pipedreamz, in which you control a ghost-like figure who surreptitiously gorges himself on meat then goes surfing to collect condiments. Turbo Turbo Turbo (pictured) is a racing game in which you must destroy every other car. If you lose you go to the bar, where you must get into fights and beat everyone else in the bar to a pulp. Finally, in Cream Wolf, you’re an ice cream truck-driving werewolf who must drive around collecting cones and lure customers with your music. Play them now. (Rhizome)