Brooklyn Street Artist Swoon Inaugurates Haitian Community Center

01/12/2011 12:52 PM |

Swoons Kombit Shelter community center inaugurated

We’ve been following, somewhat intermittently, the progress being made by Brooklyn street artist and her cohorts in Haiti, where they’ve been building (and blogging!) a sustainable design for a community center called the Kombit Shelter, which they tested in Williamsburg last spring. Now, per a Kombit blog post from Saturday, the sustainably designed building of locally sourced materials is finished.

The community center (pictured) in the village of Bigones, Barrier Jeudi, was inaugurated by 120 participants in two days of workshops and creative activities. It was built using revolutionary earth bag architecture designed to be affordable, sustainable and resistant to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.

The Kombit team didn’t waste any time in recovering from the celebration. A subsequent blog post from Monday finds them hard at work already on their second building, a single-family home, being built using the same traditional Haitian architectural style and construction materials. I guess street artist-built homes are the new art star-designed yachts, or something. (Hyperallergic)