Cats Abused from Williamsburg to Coney Island

01/26/2011 4:33 PM |

You can adopt this cute, mistreated cat!

  • You can adopt this cute, mistreated cat!

My cat is surely riding out this blizzard asleep on a kitchen chair (or smacking the dog on the nose). But many of his fellow Brooklyn felines haven’t had it as easy this week. Of course, the borough’s biggest recent cat news was the horrific discovery of roughly 100 dead, dying and deformed cats in a Williamsburg art studio. But the 50-something couple living in that garbage- and feces-covered loft (the Daily News has photos!), stuffed with blind and dehydrated animals, aren’t bad people, a neighbor told the Brooklyn Paper. “They just wanted to take care of the neighborhood cats,” he said, “but things got way out of hand because the cats kept having kittens.” Cats will do that. (They’re like Fantasia!)

Just consider the family of cats recently evicted from their Coney Island home. It was known that a cat was living in the Henderson Building, but when Thor Equities demolished the abandoned (by humans) structure, they unwittingly unleashed a colony of gray cats onto the Coney streets, the blog Amusing the Zillion reported. (They have a photo!) Is this what Bloomberg had in mind when he brokered the redevelopment deal out there? We know the mayor would shoot his own mother if the bullet would pass through her body and hit a goose standing behind her; but how does he feel about cats?

If it’s anything like geese, he won’t want to adopt the adorable mouser highlighted by the ladies at Fucked in Park Slope this morning. “Someone dumped the poor guy in a box in front of the animal clinic,” Erica writes. “Yep, on one of the coldest nights of the year. And now the poor guy is just stuck there in a cage. His eyes are so pretty! And his nose is pink!” You can adopt him if you hurry.

Oh, and yes, cat posts are typically good for traffic. Why do you ask?

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  • also, there are dozens of cats (and dogs) needing homes at brooklyn’s huge kill shelter, the NYCACC, on Linden Boulevard (a schlep, but worth it to save a life, no?). many cats are owner surrendered, so are friendly and well-mannered.

    with the snow storms, adoption traffic has been down, so the killing has been up…