City to Double Recreation Fees for Public Parks

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01/27/2011 3:29 PM |

Ah, the luxury!

  • Ah, the luxury!

Because parks ensure that everyone, regardless of wealth or social position, has access to leisure activities, ensuring a happier and more socially engaged populace, the NYC Parks Department has proposed steep hikes in recreation fees for city tennis courts, indoor pools, baseball fields, and basketball courts, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

Tennis court fees, the BP notes, would jump from $100 per person per year to $200, or from $7 to $15 per “single play”; nobody seems to be quite sure why the Parks Department only decided to increase its revenue stream once private citizens had already finished ponying up the money to refinish the formerly shitty McCarren Park tennis courts. (It’s because Bloomberg’s New York doesn’t actually care about public services.)

You can download the whole of the proposed fee increases here. The BP mostly focuses on tennis, pointing out that costs for team sports would filter down through the fees organized leagues charge their members. But that’s still bound to be significant: the fee structure for field permits, and the hefty additional surcharges for field lights, have been switched from per-“session” (two hours except during high-traffic periods, when a session is 90 minutes) to slightly lower rates that only cover an hour. For instance: Field lights went from $32 per two-hour session to $25 per hour. If your softball league doesn’t have a Mercy Rule, it’s about to institute one.

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  • and yet, in maccarren park, in the dead of winter, they leave the field lights on even when there’s nobody playing anything…what gives? who’s paying then?

    also, re. the mccarren courts, the people who will happily/unquestioningly pay $200 have finally moved into the neighborhood…all those condo dwellers on the northside waterfront. those of us who’ve put up with the crappy courts for years clearly deserve to be priced out…why even TRY to slow gentrification?

    bloomberg’s really letting his horns show these days…