“Ethnic” Food Coming to Prospect Park

01/12/2011 2:07 PM |

Hows about a lobster-rolls barge?

  • Hows about a lobster-rolls barge?

The food truck revolution sweeping New York City will soon breach the walls of Prospect Park. The parks department issued a request this morning for new food truck proposals in parks across the city, including Brooklyn’s biggest, the Park Slope Patch reports. Pretzels are passe! Frankfurters are fogeyish! And Germans can rest assured that the mainstream considers them “white,” as Parks says it’ll be leaning towards menus that “incorporate ethnically diverse and/or healthy food choices”.

When the weather’s nicer, Prospect Park has at least two hot dog stands (not one, as the Patch article reports): one outside its Ninth Street entrance, and another at the western edge of the Long Meadow, on what would roughly be Ninth Street, if streets extended into the park.

Calexico would be a welcome addition among these karren (German for “truck”), along with any of the other vendors we highlighted on our Top 10 Brooklyn Food Trucks list last month. I just hope they don’t start serving goose burgers.