Fight-Picking Performance Artist Ann Liv Young Is At It Again

01/12/2011 5:09 PM |

Ann Liv Young Sherry

A couple of performers are really feeling the strain of APAP week. The Daily News reports that during a performance at the Lower East Side’s Delancey Lounge on Sunday night as part of the Abrons Arts Center’s American Realness festival, performance artist Ann Liv Young‘s “performative therapy” routine (done in character as blond-wigged “Sherry,” pictured) angered Jim Fouratt, her would-be patient and, unbeknownst to her, a pioneering gay rights activist.

The evening’s host, ubiquitous Downtowner Penny Arcade, aware of Fouratt’s frustration, reportedly encouraged him to “Pull off her head!” Young responded by throwing her wig onto the stage, and then a large necklace that missed Young, its presumed target, and hit New York Press photographer Gerry Visco in the head.

Later, when Young removed her shirt (nudity is a frequent trope in her work), Arcade reportedly quipped “Being topless in the East Village [in 2011] is not radical,” after which Young left. Visco filed a police report after the performance.

Young told the Daily News: “It was actually a pretty tame show, as far as I’m concerned.”

Which might be a reference to the previous time one of Young’s performances has ended prematurely, which was last year at MoMA PS1 where she got into a shouting match (again as the character Sherry) with fellow performance artist Georgia Sagri, and had the lights switched off on her antics by curator Klaus Biesenbach. By all accounts Young came away from that altercation on top, although it sounds as though, on Sunday night, the wig was on the other head, so to speak.

(Photo credit: Christy Pessagno)

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