Grand and Keap Street Residents Fight Wine Bar Named After Destroyer Album

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01/10/2011 10:46 AM |


The guys who run Elsa, a lounge in Alphabet City (where Hanger Bar used to be), want to open a 66-seat wine bar, called City of Daughters (after a Destroyer album), on Grand Street, near Keap, a quiet block in the corner of Williamsburg between Union, Metropolitan and the BQE. Their application for a liquor license, the Brooklyn Paper‘s Aaron Short reports, was tabled by Community Board 1, after a local homeowner presented a petition “with nearly two dozen” signatures from neighbors opposing a bar in their immediate vicinity.

“’It’s not about the bar,’” Short quotes petition organizer Candy Harder as saying. “‘I think the bar would be fine. It’s about the people getting to the bar, leaving the bar, and standing outside the bar that would be disruptive.'” If only there were a way to have the bar without the people!

Bar owners Jason and Scott Schneider remain hopeful that they can win the approval of residents by compromising on the bar’s backyard and possibly on its hours, and by charming suspicious neighbors with sophisticated cheese plates. The bar, they say, will serve “a quieter crowd,” not “groups of 23- or 24-year-olds throwing up all over the place,” the bane of homeowners all over this city.

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  • you know, you don’t have to be a homeowner to consider bar patrons the bane of your existence. all it takes is one small place, and the entire character of a micro-neighborhood can change.

    we got a taco restaurant/bar around the corner from our (rented) place (a block from a commercial street, but entirely residential) and have had to endure screaming, broken bottles, much vomiting, and one glorious summer evening, a young man pissing into the forecourt of our building while his friend took a shit while leaning on our car.

    and then there are the nights they have big parties…

    i’ve lived in the same place for 10+ years and never had any of this until the restaurant opened up. turns out we were better off with the drug dealers that used to hang out around here than the ‘legit’ business that’s helped push them out.

    i know this is new york city (i’ve lived here my whole life) but it sucks when, after many years, you can no longer keep your windows open at night, or walk your dog down certain blocks, or sleep.

    williamsburg has too may bars as it is. enough already.

  • Oh, wait, do we hate homeowners now?

  • Not necessarily! (We don’t necessarily hate wine bars, either.)

  • These issues are quite controversial while the fact of approval for the residents for the bar owner until the presence of petition.
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  • These Community Boards are dominated by cranks who find a way to oppose and complain about everything.

  • Give me a fucking break. How unfortunate it is that legitimate complaints about noise pollution have to be conveyed by these supposed “cranks” in the various community boards, and how convenient it is that people can pretend these complaints have no basis by pointing to these supposed “cranks.”

  • Hey jackass, “[The] application for a liquor license, the Brooklyn Paper’s Aaron Short reports, was tabled by Community Board 1, after a local homeowner presented a petition “with nearly two dozen” signatures from neighbors opposing a bar in their immediate vicinity.”

    Did you read that correctly, or did panties go on fire again over at NAG because someone is possibly delaying you getting your genitalia sucked in a bathroom? The Community Board may be full of “cranks” like the scapegoat you just sent out for sacrifice, but the complaint was forwarded by a local resident, along with two dozen other neighbors. The supposed “cranks” you’re bitching about, and I can see you’re clearly doing propaganda for your friends, did not make up the complaint out of thin air. It was brought to them by RESIDENTS who are directly impacted upon. Or are they as invisible as you wish they could be? Oops.