Half-Hasid, Half-Hipster “Williamsburg Blend” Coffee Brokers Bike Wars Truce

01/28/2011 3:09 PM |

Williamsburg Blend coffee

Brooklyn-based gourmet grocer Union Market has just debuted new packaging for its nabe-themed coffee—designed by Pix Design, a design firm based in Manhattan (treason!) —and you’ll notice that the Williamsburg Blend sports silhouettes of a kvetching Hasidic man and an awkward-looking hipster.

The accompanying press release explains: “”In the wake of a bike lane dispute that has strained relations between Brooklyn’s hipsters and Hasidic Jews, Pix Design is using its visual expertise to highlight the notion that there’s something both sides can agree on: a great cup of coffee.” Hasids and hipsters: finally going together like Williamsburg coffee and Wililamsburg cigarettes.