In the Evenings, Jay-Z Is a Fifty-Year-Old Woman

01/12/2011 2:56 PM |

Jay-Z sipping wine in sweatpants and socks on his couch

On the saddest song from Blueprint 3, “Forever Young,” Jay-Z raps: “Cause all we have to do is hit rewind/so let’s just stay in the moment smoke some weed drink some wine” which almost sounds like typical rap star behavior (substitute some Dom Pérignon for that Merlot and voila!), except that’s clearly not what Jay actually does on a quiet night at the crib.

In the above photo, currently making the internet rounds, the king of rap is seen relaxing in the manner of your stereotypical WASP-y middle-aged woman, rocking sweatsuit and socks curled up on a very comfy-looking couch, drinking red wine from a strikingly non-pimp cup. We also see a lampshade in a very subdued dark blue, and an ornate though not ostentatious paisley-patterned throw pillow. Jay is probably watching Desperate Housewives or Boardwalk Empire or something, but just to give him the benefit of the doubt let’s pretend he’s mesmerized by something a little bit more gangsta, like Jersey Shore or True Blood. According to an internet rumor we just started, this might be the album cover for Blueprint 4. (BuzzFeed)