Introducing: Listicles, the Website!

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01/12/2011 9:51 AM |

We’re proud to launch our newest website, Listicles.

Listicles are list-format articles that break down and break through the news cycle, compiling what you need to know about important stories from around the world, as they’re happening.

We’ve got news for everyone and from every corner of the globe, all organized in list format, which, if we’re not mistaken, is still the best way to read something on the internet.

Check out our new website, and even submit a list or two from your own publication using our “Submit a List” feature. Be sure to check out The Listocracy as well, our list aggregator that pulls content from all over the web.

So add us to your RSS feed and check our site from time to time; we have some exciting stories to tell in 2011 and want you to be a part of our success. Happy Listing!