Is Brendan Fraser Playing Win Butler in a Movie About Arcade Fire?

01/31/2011 12:59 PM |


There I was, getting ready for bed, casually patrolling Twitter to see if people thought Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on SNL was as awkward as I feared it was when I was tipped off by @truepanther to check out Brendan Fraser’s Wikipedia page, something I can’t say I’ve ever done before. Amidst mentions of Encino Man and The Mummy, there’s this: “Fraser has been rumored to be cast in the role of Win Butler in an upcoming film about Butler’s band, Arcade Fire.”

I Googled like a madwoman but didn’t have much luck finding anything regarding the alleged movie beyond Fraser’s rumored involvement. I reached out to a publicist at Merge, like I do every time I see a rumor about Brendan Fraser on Wikipedia, who responded: “That’s crazy! I haven’t heard that at all. There is a short film hitting the festival circuit directed by Spike Jonze that is associated with The Suburbs, but that’s the only Arcade Fire movie I’m aware of.” So… there you have it. Brendan Fraser is Canadian, and tall, so he might be playing Win Butler in a movie, but probably not. If he were, the actress who played Curly Sue should definitely be cast as Regine. I would also accept Felicity.