Kanye And Other Celebs Attended George Condo’s New Museum Opening Tuesday Night

01/27/2011 8:56 AM |

George Condo, Kanye West and Marc Jacobs at the New Museum

We tweeted our disappointment with Kanye West’s absence from the massive wall of portraits that forms the centerpiece of George Condo’s solo show at the New Museum (although we’re really not into the salon-style hanging, more on which sometime soon), but Kanye made up for his absence in paint by showing up in person for the exhibition’s opening on Tuesday evening.

Guest of a Guest was at the NuMu to shoot all the celebrity action, which featured Kanye and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover painter (and, you know, two-time Biennialist and very successful artist) Condo chillin’ with Mark Jacobs and his amazing alien fur scarf (above), and a cameo by LeeLee Sobieski. Afterward select guests joined Condo and Kanye for a dinner at Balthazar, where George made a really funny toast that had everyone laughing and clapping like so:

George Condo and Kanye West at Balthazar