Metropolitan Museum Launches Audio Slideshows Series of Staff’s Picks

01/05/2011 4:04 PM |

The Met Launches Connections

If you worked somewhere as cool as the Metropolitan Museum, wouldn’t you want to tell anybody who’d listen about all the amazing objects you see and handle every day? Well, you can’t, but the museum has just launched Connections, a series of audio slideshows wherein curators, conservationists and staffers narrate a string of thematically arranged objects from the collection. The theme can be something very literal, like one participant tracking the presence of his home state of Tennessee in the collection, an associate director’s lifelong affection for all things tiny and precious, or a curator’s fascination with maps.

There are currently four installments of Connections online, with another six planned for January, and new episodes being released at a similar rate until at least the end of 2011. By that time, hopefully, staff members included will cover the full spectrum from Met director Thomas P. Campbell to security guards and coat check attendants. Seriously, the Met has probably the nicest coat check staff of any major museum in the city.