Nobody Likes a Critic (Except Us): Calexico in Greenpoint, Best New Burger in LIC, More

01/04/2011 3:23 PM |

Burger from the Burger Garage
  • Adam Kuban at A Hamburger Today
  • Burger from the Burger Garage

Robert Sietsema, who, unlike Mimi Sheraton, is not afraid of Brooklyn, stopped by the new brick-and-mortar Calexico location in Greenpoint and found it wanting. What was wrong?

The menu seems like out-and-out bar food, and it wouldn’t have been as disappointing if it had been priced like bar food.

His advice: skip the $10 guacamole and order the excellent margaritas instead. [FITR]

Meanwhile, Adam Kuban over at A Hamburger Today is enamored with the burgers at The Burger Garage in Long Island City, which he says has the best burger he has eaten in 12 months, a serious compliment given Adam’s yearly burger intake. He puts the burger in pretty good company:

If you’ve eaten at Five Guys or Shake Shack, you’ll have a pretty good context for Burger Garage — it marries the best elements of both those places.

M. Wells and now this? I say Brooklyn should make a move to annex Long Island City.

Metromix takes a look at new Williamsburg watering hole The Drink. Food writer about town Chantal Martineau loves the relaxed vibe and tasty punches.

For some time now, mixologists and their cocktailing disciples have bemoaned the exclusive, sanctified arenas many serious cocktail bars have become. They long for the casual, convivial “real bar”—a place where you can get a good beer just as easily as you can expect to be served a finely made Manhattan … The Drink is such a bar: a home away from home for locals and peripatetic punch buffs alike, as well as any sailor worth his salt passing through.

The Gray Lady’s $25 and Under column makes a visit to Buka, a hip, newish restaurant serving traditional Nigerian food in Clinton Hill. For the adventurous: insanely spicy pepper soup, African land snails and fufu, a thick paste made of cassava or yams. For the not-so-adventurous: black-eyed pea fritters, honey bean cake and whole grilled tilapia.

And in case you missed it, I wasn’t so fond of The Brooklyneer. I stand by my judgment, anonymous internet commenters!