O’Death Announce New Album, Release Lead Single, “Bugs”

01/27/2011 11:31 AM |


Hidden on the news page as one of the stories that never quite got the honor of a homepage headline, we find a Pitchfork exclusive revealing the details of a new album by “raucous folk-rock outfit” and longtime L Mag favorites O’Death. It’s called simply Outside, and it’s set for an April 19th release on Ernest Jenning, the same label that released the band’s debut full-length, Head Home, before they set sail for a surprisingly brief, one-album stint on Kemado Records. Pitchfork also has an MP3 of opening track “Bugs,” which you can download here. Fear not: it bears zero resemblance to the Pearl Jam song of the same name and in fact has us quite excited to hear the rest of the record. Do give it a listen, please.