Presenting The L’s Second Annual Film Poll…

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01/05/2011 4:46 PM |

Spoiler alert!

  • Spoiler alert!

Last month The L’s senior film writers, myself included, unveiled their year-end Top 10 lists; now, in an attempt to define, beyond our (sometimes profoundly) individual tastes, the sensibility of the L’s film section as a whole, we present our second annual poll of our regular contributors.

There are far too many year-in-review film polls, but The L’s poll is, at least, one of the last to finish voting. This is valuable not so much for the sake of the late December awards-bait titles as for catch-up: ample opportunity to look backwards at the preceding eleven months, at least as much as forward to the next four weeks, seems a necessity for even the most devoted practitioner of this increasingly part-time profession. And our results, too, are more esoteric—though we overlap with the voting bodies of other polls, we did just managed to avoid marching lockstep with 2010’s critical consensus.

So, here’s our final word on the year in film, and our critics’ thoughts on the Top 25 films of 2010. Enjoy.