Slug, Murs and Nancy Sinatra Mashup Album Surprisingly Excellent

01/06/2011 3:43 PM |

Felt 3.0: A Tribute to Nancy Sinatra

Felt, the duo of L.A. rapper Murs and Minneapolis MC Slug (one half of Atmosphere), has dedicated each of their excellent albums to a female celebrity—their first three records were named for Christina Ricci, Lisa Bonnet and Rosie Perez, respectively—though the title choice has no tangible bearing on the record’s sound. But over the holidays DJ Tokyo Cigar released the free mashup record Felt 3.0 (A tribute to Nancy Sinatra), which, you guessed it, consists of the album Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez remixed with samples from Nancy Sinatra songs, and somehow it’s kind of great. Stream it below, or download it here.