Tao Lin and Megan Boyle “Made About $2000” By Getting Married

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01/11/2011 8:59 AM |


Via the Observer comes news that vocabulary-averse LiveJournal bots Tao Lin and Megan Boyle, last seen selling videos of themselves on drugs to pay the rent, got married in Vegas, where they happened to be staying on vacation.

In a group chat on the subject of their finances, Tao Lin revealed that their bank account had seen an unexpected boost from their apparently impulsive decision to get married (see above). In the linked-to interview, they describe their marriage the same way they, in their online-writing personae, describe everything else—as entirely exterior—just as they did when I interviewed them about MDMA films.

Money, because it is objective (and perhaps because reducing things to financial terms seems somehow bravely cynical?) is a recurrent, very specific motif for them. The $2000 their families gave them to start their new life together should buy plenty more Megan Boyle tweets about snorting coke off Tao Lin’s genitals.

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