The L Train Kills Again

01/31/2011 4:43 PM |

Early this morning, a Canarsie-bound L killed a man at the Halsey Street station. The man, believed to be in his 30s, was intoxicated, MTA employees told the Post, and had jumped onto the tracks to retrieve his keys. (These kinds of death can be especially hard on the conductor.) The moral of the story is that, no matter how incredibly inconvenient it may seem, you should always ask an MTA employee for help in retrieving an item dropped onto the tracks. Especially when you’re intoxicated.

The Post nabbed a photo of the body being carried to the street.


UPDATE: The Post identified the victim as 24-year-old Brendan Mahoney, a Greenpoint-native and Wheaton, Ill. native. Depressing.

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  • What’s depressing is the stupidity of people today that would think it a good idea to jump on the tracks to get your keys. And, drunkenness is no excuse. Dude got what he deserved.

  • A big fuck you to Bill H. You’ve never made a mistake while drunk? Never had a moment of stupidity while sober? Nice to know you’re so superior to the rest of the human race.
    It’s too bad you couldn’t stop for one minute and think about how a comment like that would feel to read if you were the loved one of the victim. Do you feel morally superior having judged a dead person anonymously on the internet? I hope you never die in an unfortunate accident and have to suffer the indignity of the internet hate machine.