The Liberty Victory Cafe, Birthplace of The L Magazine, is Closing

01/05/2011 2:33 PM |

The Victory Cafe

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It seems like only yesterday (actually, it seems like 20 years ago) that I was meeting L Magazine founder, and current LMagCorp Chief Executive Officer Poobah Scott Stedman, at State Street’s Victory Cafe to discuss the launch of an all-lesbian events guide based on the Farmer’s Almanac. Yes, that’s right, dear reader, lo these eight years ago The L Magazine found form over coffee at one of the Victory’s tables…

Sadly, then, I must report the Victory—and all its iconic shininess—will be shutting down for good, after eviction procedures were brought by the landlord.

Per City Room:

The reasons for the eviction of the cafe, at the corner of Hoyt and State Streets, were not immediately clear. The Victory’s owner, Patrick Downey, said he had kept current on the rent. The building’s owner, Nat Hendricks, would only say, “It’s in litigation and I’ll be happy to talk about it when the judge makes a decision.” Mr. Hendricks also owns the adjacent storefronts south of the Victory on Hoyt, and in one of them, a new cafe, the Little Sweet, opened on Sunday.

Luckily, I was able to get in touch with the aforementioned Mr. Stedman (who will no longer speak to me) through a series of proxy channels, for his thoughts on the closing of the Victory:

-“It was where I first tried coffee.”
-“I went there every day and, without exception, I called it ‘The Liberty Cafe.'”

So, there you have it. RIP Victory Cafe, and thanks for the memories.

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