To Save Belt Parkway, A Bigger Beach is Proposed

01/25/2011 11:49 AM |


Southeast Brooklyn could soon be underwater. For years, the Shore Road bike path and the Belt Parkway have been under threat from the encroaching ocean, but the Army Corps of Engineers finally has a solution: extend Plumb Beach! We’re not usually ones around here to encourage saving automobile modes of transit—and this might be an excellent time to point out Robert Moses’ error(s) in transforming our borough’s beautiful coasts into “scenic motorcoach passages”—but we can easily rally behind 40 extra feet of beach. Not that anyone besides vehicle-equipped cruisers and people who commit hate crimes against homosexuals use Plumb Beach, which looks out at Kingsborough Community College to the west and Roxbury to the south…but still!

For $5 million, the Corps says it’ll build two underwater stone walls that would prevent sand from drifting away; every few years, the city would gather collected sand and return it to the beach, “making what is currently a sliver of land into a 50-foot wide beach,” the Post reported. (There’s also an idea for a $3 million quick-fix that seems more like a bargaining chip than a sincere proposal.) Build a nice hotel nearby and we’d consider staycationing there.


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