Today in Right-Wing Water-Carrying from the New York Post: The Al Qaeda 7 Comes to Brooklyn!

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01/10/2011 11:31 AM |

Do you, in fact, remember “the Al Qaeda 7?” Hopefully you don’t—it was a brief, stupid pseudo-controversy started by Liz Cheney, who last year called out seven attorneys at the Justice Department for their previous work serving as legal counsel for accused terrorists, as our (hallowed!) constitution, you know, demands. In Saturday’s Post, crime reporter Mitchel Maddux was assigned the responsibility of reminding us that Eric Holder loves terrorists, rehashing the entire disingenuous witch-hunt in the guise of reporting that 35-year-old Rhodes scholar, Yale Law grad and Sandra Day O’Connor clerk Tali Farhadian, one of the “controversial” and “embattled” attorneys, who “created” division last spring by having previously worked for Human Rights Watch, was in line for a job at the US Attorney’s office in Brooklyn. (The piece seems to have been updated from the print edition, which reported that she was being considered for a job which the article now confirms she got.)

The news was also confirmed, in abridged form, in the Sunday paper, lest any reader missed the opportunity to be spoon-fed irresponsible hard-right bile in the form of local news.