Walmart to City: Suck It, We’ll Move to Brooklyn If We Want

01/10/2011 12:16 PM |

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  • White hipster elitists protest a Walmart in Brooklyn.

Chinese plastics concern/America’s company store Walmart has told officials it won’t be showing up to a City Council meeting this Wednesday on the subject of… Walmart. It would seem the multi-billion dollar corporation—which has been eyeing a location in Brooklyn—isn’t all that interested in a parley with the locals, probably because the locals aren’t all that thrilled about the possibility of an NYC Walmart (the official reason is that Walmart hasn’t technically announced a New York store yet). Said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn:

If you run away from an opportunity to sit in front of the Legislature of the city you say you want to be in, that speaks volumes. If you’re not proud of who you are and what you do, you run away. If they don’t show up it’s because they don’t have anything to say to refute the arguments that my colleagues and myself have put forth…

Quinn has long been a strident supporter of small business (as are all politicians, when campaigning), and has voiced concern about Walmart’s infamously low wages. The thing is, Walmart doesn’t really need any special concessions from local government, so should the economics of the proposed East New York location make sense in the end, there’s not much that could really stop the megamart from opening up, hiring hundreds of locals, and paying them just enough to be able to shop at Walmart.

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  • Nice photo caption of the two “white hipster elitists” clearly in disguises.

  • but wait, i just got a postcard today from Walmart, asking me to join their “Community Action Network” by calling 1-855-NYC-JOBS.

    they sent a postcard to every person in brooklyn because they really care about community, and jobs. right?

    not because they’re gonna make money by destroying small businesses and trapping new yorkers in underpaid jobs without benefits.

  • New York City has been losing supermarkets in droves. In my neighborhood alone, two became national chain pharmacies, another became an electronics store and another shut down and the space has been empty since. The nearest supermarket is well outside the neighborhood. If Walmart wants to open a store — why is anyone stopping them? Businesses in NYC are already vanishing without them.

    I have seen businesses open stores near Walmarts in other areas — those smaller businesses rely on the foot traffic a store like Walmart brings to the area.