Young British Artist Damien Hirst Seeks Apprentice, Offers $31,000 Salary

01/24/2011 2:09 PM |

Give me a hand with these tanks of formaldehyde.

  • “Give me a hand with these tanks of formaldehyde.”

Are you a struggling artist looking to subsidize your own practice working for a more established artist’s studio? Got “strong drawing and draftsman skills” and “strong colour theory and painting skills”? Damien Hirst might have a job for you. Yesterday the Daily Mail noted that the wealthiest living artist is offering a meager £20,000 ($31,000) salary to a skilled studio apprentice.

The position, which is for a painting assistant, involves doing Damien’s work for him. The job posting described by the Mail, for a job at Hirst’s industrial complex in Ilfracombe, Devon, explains that the successful applicant will be able to “draw images from projection, taking time to make sure the image is square and true” and “paint images provided by and under the supervision of a manager.”

Hirst’s studio, which at times employs as many of 100 assistants (peanuts compared to Koons’s 120!), was hit hard by the art market burst in 2008. But with sales of diamond-encrusted skulls picking up again (now available in adorable baby size!), Hirst needs all the help he can get. Applicants will be asked to sign confidentiality contracts, and presumably some sort of commission system—assistants take five percent on paintings they made when they sell at auction?—can be put in place after six months. (ANIMAL, Photo)