7 Songs for Wavves and Best Coast to Perform Together Tonight

02/02/2011 3:01 PM |

Youre the one that I want, oh oh oh

  • You’re the one that I want, oh oh oh

First there were the matching Pitchfork reviews and tweeted PDAs, then that Christmas duet for Target and a joint interview with the L.A. Times, and now, finally, a co-headlining tour and coinciding split 7-inch. In the high school of indie rock, Bethany Best Coast and Nathan Wavves are the prom queen and king, so a few duet appearances are to be expected as they travel across the country playing shows together, right? Right. But as we pointed out here, it seems that the two of them have yet to actually share the stage or collaborate in any way. They were probably just waiting until they play New York though, which they do tonight at Webster Hall and tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg (both sold out, suckas), so we decided to offer a few song suggestions. Just in case.

This one actually has to happen, by sheer will of the audience, the person typing this, and the entire blogosphere:

The perfect opportunity for one of the quintessential California love songs to be tuned into a punk-addled viral video:

“Then He Kissed Me” already sounds like the title to Best Coast’s follow-up album, and Nathan could stand in the corner playing guitar and sticking out his tongue:

Then Wavves would play this with Bethany on guitar, and everyone would clap along:

SoCal, PacSun, the line “Will you be my new girlfriend?”:

With a few more references to weed, this could be the Best Coast/Wavves theme song:

They could totally play up the line, “I’m a hopeless romantic, but you’re just hopeless,” giving each other faux pissed-off looks and giggling while everyone in the audience filmed it on their iPhones:

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