Balloon Dogs Set Free: Koons Drops Intellectual Property Rights Claim

02/03/2011 4:47 PM |

Non-Jeff Koons Balloon Dogs

All those clown tears must have worked, because copyright-defying art star Jeff Koons’ ridiculous legal dispute with Toronto-based balloon dog bookend manufacturer Imm Living and Park Life, the San Francisco gallery that sold them has reached an amicable end.

Jedediah Wakefield, a lawyer working for Park Life pro bono filed a suit in federal court in San Francisco in response to the cease and desist letter they received from lawyers for Jeff Koons LLC, asking that the balloon dogs be declared not within the intellectual property rights of the artist, whose own stainless steel interpretations of the balloon dog form sell for as much as $20 million (as opposed to $55 for the resin bookends). This afternoon ArtsBeat reports that Koons’ lawyers have dropped the dispute. Their only request:

the gallery agreed not to indicate that the bookends were by Mr. Koons, which, Mr. Wakefield added, “they hadn’t done and weren’t going to do anyway.”

So now’s the time to get yourself a pair of non-Koons balloon dog bookends!