Brooklyn College Expansion Continues with Acquisition of Future Home of… Business School? Dorm?

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02/15/2011 2:29 PM |

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the Brooklyn College Foundation has just paid $$5.85 million for a campus-adjacent building, giving the College some 75,000 square feet of undeveloped holdings in Flatbush. “A new School of Business, student residence halls or ‘a retail fringe’ are among the options being considered” for the new space, the Eagle reports, though the College is apparently far from a decision. (Indeed, their Facilities Master Plan for 2020 is still a work in progress.)

Higher education being America’s current bubble economy, Brooklyn College has been on a notable expansion kick in the last years.

If indeed they use the new space for student residences, it’ll be their second dorm after the opening of Farragut Road last semester.

“The School of Business,” the Eagle reports, “which is currently known as the Business and Finance Program, will be a new creation and will become official sometime this year after the president of the college finds deans for all four schools that are about to be implemented under a new strategic plan.” The new, more consolidated business school isn’t the College’s only improvement to its curriculum: as we previously reported, their new graduate-level film school should be starting up in 2013.

It’ll be interesting to see—later next year, apparently—what the new space will be used for, as we continue to track Brooklyn College’s ambitions. Improved borough-centric commuter school, destination?

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