Brooklyn Republicans Crush Dissent, Start Inter-Party Civil War

02/08/2011 11:42 AM |


The Brooklyn Republican Party has been in crisis, with an insurgent youth faction challenging the hegemony of the old-guard leadership. Back in August, I reported that “reports surfaced a few weeks ago that [county chair Craig Eaton is] trying to shut down the Brooklyn Young Republicans club and replace it with a more simpatico counter-club.” Last week, Eaton finally did just that when he announced the party has supported a “re-launched” Brooklyn Young Republicans, with party-friendly leadership, to the consternation of the extant group. “The Brooklyn Young Republican Club, founded in 1880, is quite alive and well,” Jonathan Judge, the president of the original Brooklyn Young Republicans, wrote in a statement, “and is certainly without need for any party-sponsored ‘re-launch.'”

Eaton has complained that the Brooklyn Young Republicans do not put in the hard work required to elect candidates and run a party, instead devoting their time to attacking the party on the blogosphere. The Young Republicans have countered that their support for Mike Grimm, for example, played a role in his election to congress last year, and that the old leadership has consistently failed to build the party. While Eaton touts Grimm’s victory as a sign of party growth, the Young Republicans counter that he lost the majority of votes in Brooklyn, and only won thanks to the Staten Island part of his district. “This is just the latest attempt by the current anemic leadership of the Kings County Republican Party establishment to distract Republicans from its persistent failures to earn any Republican challenger in Brooklyn a majority of support from voters,” Judge wrote in his statement.

Inter-party division will serve only to weaken the local Republicans; my wish is that it would weaken them enough that an awful human being like Marty Golden will finally lose his seat.

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  • The Republican chairman in Brooklyn is running his party into the ground by alienating the Young Republicans. The chairman should be reaching out to the Young Republicans to work out their differences and cultivate a relationship with them.

  • It’s shameful that an opportunity for a competitive political system in our borough is being torpedoed by this Soviet dictator of a Chairman, Mr. Eaton. His apparat-like party is propping up horrible candidates than not even real Republicans like. They’re threatened by what the Young Republicans have to offer: ideas, reforms and plans for the future. That’s why Eaton is trying to defeat them. His mobster look and Soviet mentality is only serving as alienating factors, which is why he will lose this war when all is said and done.

  • The real story here is how the President of the Young Republicans in a diehard Democratic borough like Brooklyn manages to have a $46,000 a year patronage job with the local Democrat-controlled Community Board. This is not a civil service position that one applies for or takes a test to be hired. The mystery deepened when Judge was somehow able to get powerhouse Democratic election lawyer Marty Connor to represent him in an petition challenge during Judge’s 2010 City Council race. Judge and his buddies have made a cottage industry out of using blogs to make vile and disgusting attacks on anyone deemed their enemies.

  • It really is shameful that chairman Craig Eaton feels threatened by the Brooklyn Young Republicans. Instead of being an inclusive chairman by uniting the party and mobilizing it, he tries to divide them even more. He must feel really threatened by the leadership of the Brooklyn Young Republicans and believe that they are energized and growing their clout throughout the borough.

  • The Kings County GOP Chairman, and his fan club may want to take a look at the New York State Young Republican Charter. After reading this and other articles, I can’t help but think of the Nassau County Republican Committee and Chairman Joseph Mondello, AKA Diamond Joe. These old men need to get out of the way of youth and worry about our party and country rather than their own power.

  • The only valid comparison to the Soviets and marxist ideology is this punk Judge and his fellow travelers. Their nasty personal attacks on everyone and anyone who disagrees with them is just plain disgusting. Way to go, Jonathan!

  • The leaders of the Republican Party in Brooklyn just seem so stupid. They should be trying to foster a relationship with the Brooklyn YRs instead of taking attacks personally. The Young Republicans are the future of the party, whether the establishment acknowledges it or not.

    It would be wise for the chairman to reach out and unite the party and put these disagreements behind them.

  • Why was Judge recently removed as an officer of the State Young Republicans? He supposedly insisted on a trial by his peers, and was still booted out.

  • Is it me or this coverage backfiring on Jonathan?

    Real Young Republicans are linging up in droves to crush this guy, and his Democrat pals.

    Advice for Jonathan, getting interviewed by very liberal writers especially one like this is not going to help with actual hardcore Republicans.

    But than again you wouldn’t know what being a Republican is anyway.

  • It really is pathetic that Brooklyn Young Democrats President Jonathan Judge feels threatened for the past two years by actual Brooklyn Young Republicans, especially those who actually made the ballot. Instead of being an inclusive young Republican president in his failed term, by the way hasn’t he been president longer than he wanted by uniting the party and mobilizing it, he tries to divide them even more, just to keep his cushy patronage job, for which he will never answer. He must feel really threatened by the leadership of the actual Brooklyn Young Republicans and believe that they are energized and growing their clout throughout the borough.

  • Can somebody explain to me why, Jonathan has never denied he runs a hate blog called Atlas Shrugs?

    Or why he has never disclosed his ties to the Democrat controlled Community Board 14?

    Or why he has not only surrounded himself, but defended convicted felons and other assorted criminals for years?

    Or why he supported Democrat Bill Thompson for Mayor?

    Or why he has never revealed his true sexuality, especially getting interviewed for a blog like this?

    Or why on a $40,000 salary he is still living at home, rent free?

    Or why he has given more money to Democrats in this past two years than Republicans?

    Or why he was kicked out of the Bay Ridge Community Council?

    Or why he was kicked out of the New York State Young Republicans Leadership, not once, but twice?

    Or why he stabbed his supposed political parents Arnaldo Ferraro and Lucretia Potter in the back last year in the 49th Assembly District Republican primary when after they collected over 100 signatures for him, he failed to collect any?

    I can keep going, but these are all questions, Jonathan and his two or three anti-Republican, hate bloggers pals will never answer because it’s all true.

  • To Jansen: I’m an outsider but you are making all different kind of accusations here.
    Also, I have a friend who is a YR member and he tells me that this week alone they’ve gotten over 30 new memberships. Thanks to the publicity they are getting.

  • If Jonathan has 30 new members, maybe they can all pitch in to buy him a razor blade and a suit….

  • As i recall, Craig Eaton actually supported David Greenfield together with uber-liberal Vito Lopez. Of course he lied and pretended to support Ken Rife. Dont forget, Craig and Vito both serve on the board of the Catholic Citizens Committee, which sent out mailings on behalf of Democrat David Greenfield.
    So at least judge endorsed the more conservative Democrat who actually said he will NOT raise taxes, unlike Greenfield who promised in a media interview to raise taxes on the rich.
    And as for Ken Rife, he couldn’t even garner 2% of the vote in such a conservative district!!! You must have been really effective in helping him out!
    Judge was kicked off the ballot because of a deal between lopez and Eaton! Judge even raised enough funds to qualify for matching funds.
    So thanks for all the publicity you are giving to Brooklyn Young Republicans. They now have, from just this week alone, 33 new members plus 200 returning members!

  • I think this Republican chairman has got to go. It seems he is more interested in promoting himself than the party he is supposed to promote.
    He works in cahoots with VITO LOPEZ, giving his boys and gals dozens of Wilson Pakulas over the last four years.
    He works with VITO to secretly send mailings on behalf of Democrat David Greenfield, from the Catholic Citizens Committee. Of which both the Democrat chairman and Republican chairman serve on the board of.

    He was unable to get even one new Republican elected from Brooklyn. Even Grimm and Malliotakis lossed in Brooklyn!

    He was unable to raise any grassroots money for the party. Eaton was only able to collect ONE donation in arguably the best Republican years the party has seen.

    Eaton refuses to meet with the La Guardia club to mend fences between them.

    Eaton refuses to meet with Brooklyn Young Republicans to mend fences.

    Eaton refuses to meet with Clorinda ever since she spread word around that she’s running for chairman.

    Eaton refuses to talk with anyone that disagrees with him.

    Craig Eaton is that kind of person.

    If there is any dissent he tries to crush it. As this story clearly indicates.

    Craig Eaton will find out what dissent is LOUD and CLEAR when he is booted from office in just a few months.

    We need to rebuild the party from bottom up. The Republican Party is in shambles thanks to Craig Eaton’s ego and deals he makes with Democrats.

    He gives Democrats the Republican endorsement without even meeting them!!! I know this for fact. Some Democrats have barely even spoken with Eaton. Yet he is all to eager to sell out his party.

    We demand change in the Republican Party of Brooklyn.

    And change is coming very soon!

  • It’s really a shame Jonathan has to have extreme liberal bloggers do his bidding, when he will be judged no pun intended very soon by real conservative Republicans who don’t like rodents with cushy patronage jobs, and ties to some very extreme liberal democrats.

    Payback is coming.

  • You know I had just stumbled upon this blog and I couldn’t help but notice the comment about Jonathan Judge qualifying for matching funds in that city council race where he couldn’t even make the ballot.

    Some friends he has…

    By the way according to my sources many of the supposed donors Jonathan had were fakes.

    Sort of like the fake support Jonathan had when it has come to organization after organization that has kicked him out.