Brooklyn’s Worst Congressman Now Its Worst Ex-Congressman

02/02/2011 10:56 AM |

Its Not My Fault Im a Coward!

  • It’s Not My Fault I’m a Coward!

Congressman Mike McMahon, who represented Bay Ridge and Staten Island, lost re-election in November to Republican challenger (and spectacular fool) Mike Grimm. He had been the first Democrat in decades elected in that Republican district, and it’s easy to see why this switch was short-lived: McMahon alienated his base by voting against healthcare reform and a host of other important Democratic initiatives, but his opponent easily painted McMahon as a classic Obama Democrat. Without support from left or right, he easily lost.

Who does he blame for this loss? Everybody else!

Bay Ridge Interpol reports:

Last week the former Congressman told some fifty gathered members of the Staten Island Democratic Association that Democrats need to have a “unified message going forward instead of writing letters complaining” about isolated votes a Democratic elected official might take – an obvious allusion to his controversial vote against health care reform

The progressive blog encourages McMahon to run again in 2012, but this makes no sense to me. The unpopular McMahon was booted from office after disappointing everybody. Why wouldn’t local democrats nominate someone who wasn’t so craven as a politician and so abhorrent as a person?

McMahon offered the classic Democratic defense in his speech: “Some people told me, ‘I didn’t vote for you because you voted against health care’…OK, but look what you got.” OK, but if we don’t demand better from our representatives, we’d get stuck with losers like Mike McMahon the rest of our lives.