NYPD Busts Indoor Drinkers During Bushwick Gallery Night

02/22/2011 11:25 AM |

Arch Collective on Beat Nite

Friday was Beat Nite in Bushwick, meaning neighborhood galleries stayed open late, hosting parties and performances, the small spaces often overflowing with PBR-sipping revelers. All was fine at 8:30 when I stopped in at Arch Collective, a storefront space on Troutman just off Wyckoff, but around 9pm two NYPD officers arrived and issued about a dozen summonses to the visitors drinking inside the gallery.

A gallery visitor tells Gothamist that the pair of officers issued summonses for open containers of beer and wine inside the commercial space, not unlike a similar incident there last year. Arch Collective visitor Brandon Fonville took the photo below and told Gothamist:

I don’t think harassing art patrons inside a legal commercial space during an organized neighborhood-wide event is appropriate, but it’s becoming the norm in the precinct.

Getting a summons at Bushwick Gallery Arch Collective during Beat Nite

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  • Awful. I’m living in Bushwick and there are a lot bigger issues for cops to worry about besides gallery openings. Having moved here from 7 years in Holland it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around this. It’s almost a requirement that the host provide wine and beer for the guests. Is there anything that can be done to correct this?

  • Welcome the 83rd Precinct! The policies of this precinct are why Bushwick is not going to be “the next Williamsburg.” And since the old Williamsburg (like East Village and Lower East Side that preceded it) is now prohibitively expensive… these policies are contributing to the decline of New York City as an interesting creative place to live.