Depressing New Map Reveals City’s Deadliest Streets for Pedestrians

02/10/2011 9:25 AM |

The most dangerous road in Brooklyn; look familiar?

  • The most dangerous road in Brooklyn; look familiar?

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign has just released its report on the deadliest roads in New York City, downstate New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for pedestrians. Various sub-reports go into detail about methods and such, but the saddest parts are the Google Maps with every pedestrian death between 2007 and 2009 plotted, including the age, gender and death date of each victim (Brooklyn, Manhattan).

The most dangerous road in the study area is Route 24 in Nassau County on Long Island, with twelve deaths in the study period, followed closely by Broadway in Manhattan (mostly uptown) with eleven, US 130 in Burlington, New Jersey with ten, Route 27 in Suffolk County with nine and, leading the way for Brooklyn, Atlantic Avenue with eight (tied with Seventh Avenue and the West Side Highway in Manhattan). Connecticut’s deadliest road, Route 1, with six deaths, none of them from 2009, didn’t even rank. Kings Highway, Ocean Parkway and Bowery also ranked quite high with seven deaths each. The rich have safer streets, basically. (Brownstoner, BK Eagle, Photo)