Destroyer Brings “Downtown” to Fallon

02/23/2011 8:56 AM |

It’s sort of cute to think that even after being on the scene for well over a decade, at a time when you couldn’t change the channel past 11pm without coming across one indie rock band or another, last night’s appearance on Fallon was Destroyer’s first televised performance ever. It feels good to know that, for a little while anyway, there were still things that were a little too strange, a little too smart to be in a position where it could be seen by, like, your parents.

Not that they suddenly seem any less strange or smart this morning, mind you: their performance of “Downtown” is incredibly watchable, even with Dan Bejar looking nervous and calculated, and even with the mix giving the song such a weird feel, playing up the smooth jazz components and sort of burying the vocals. My mom definitely would have shut it off.