Don’t Forget That the Ariel Panero Memorial Show Is This Weekend

02/04/2011 5:32 PM |


When news broke of Ariel Panero’s death in December, the outpouring of reactions from those who knew him — he, the undaunted promoter behind Less Artists More Condos/general DIY man around town/instant friend to all — spoke to the impact he had on the local music community.

His influence became only more evident at his memorial service a few weeks later, but tonight and tomorrow, the tributes will be channeled via a different route, one that Panero would probably be much more at home with: loud, sweaty, all-or-nothing shows at one of his old stomping grounds, Death by Audio. Famous Class, the local record label that he helped run, has rallied together a few of the bands personally touched by Panero’s audacious DIY spirit, whether they be ones he booked, managed, performed in, or championed before almost anyone else. So that’s one reason to head out to DBA this weekend. Another is that we’re talking just plain good music here, between a stripped-down set by primal electro-punks These Are Powers (here, playing under the moniker Powers with just Pat and Anna), the mind-bending string quartet Skeleton$, and the guitar-driven trifecta of Darlings, Grooms and Sisters. Snakes Say Hisss, The Tony Castles, Class Actress, Regal Degal, Hubble and the remaining members of Panero’s woozily raucous pop band Tough Knuckles fill out the two-day spread. Things kick off tonight at 9pm with Darlings; $8 will get you in, $15 will also get you a limited copy of the final Tough Knuckles album on white vinyl once they’re pressed later this month, for which you can check out the cover below (that’s Panero in the center). Visit the event’s Facebook page for full lineup.