Hear Two New Songs From Local Garage Rockers Shark?, Now With 100 Percent More Dance Moves

02/10/2011 3:39 PM |

Good news, lovers of local music. Thanks to the powers of Kickstarter, one of the borough’s go-to bands for unpretentious garage rock has recorded a 7-inch single out February 22 via Oops Baby Records, and today we’re able to hear both tracks. Side A sees Shark? taking a shift towards a cleaner sound, while stylistically upping the ante in just about every way. The appropriately amped “Hip Hop Hooray” comes across like a devilishly rugged version of The Strokes, back when The Strokes were in to making you dance and not sounding like a Vampire Weekend/Phoenix/Sugar Ray remix. Side B, meanwhile, has frontman Kevin Diamond channeling a hint of Paul Banks vocally, though not in an “I wish I were in Joy Division” way — more in a gravely, “I’m serious, serious about rocking out” way. Goodness, it’s catchy. Listen to both songs below; watch the video for “Hip Hop Hooray” above. Done and done.

Kreegah! by sharkquestionmark