Lafayette Avenue Next in Brooklyn Bike Lane Disputes?

02/24/2011 9:49 AM |

Lafayette Avenue cyclist

Prospect Park West is currently ground zero in the Brooklyn Bike Wars (replacing Bedford Avenue in years past), but the next bike lane battleground might be Lafayette Avenue. The Fort Greene Patch reports that the city’s Department of Transportation has determined that a bike lane would be an effective traffic-calming device for Lafayette—not to mention making some room for all those cyclists, author included, who take Lafayette to get from Downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene to points East.

The DoT’s plan, which was unveiled at a Community Board 2 meeting last week, would put a bike lane on the entire length of Lafayette, from Flatbush Avenue in Fort Greene to Broadway in Bushwick. It’s unclear what kind of lane it would—painted, with a buffer, or protected by off-curb parking—and many seem skeptical of the DoT’s eagerness to solve traffic problems with bike lanes. Community Board 2 Chairman John Dew told the Patch: “There are traffic-calming needs on Lafayette Avenue, but we feel that [the city] should look at other alternatives besides just a bike lane.”

In any case the lane won’t be going in until at least next year, if it happens at all. CB2 district manager tells the Patch: “although they’re not shelving the plans for forever, they have no plans for the [Lafayette Avenue] bike lane in calendar year 2011.” Sure would make getting to and from Brooklyn Flea easier, though.

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  • I would love to see a bike lane on Lafayette Ave. All to often I see cars speeding and running red lights past South Oxford on Lafayette. It’s getting dangerous.

  • I ride lafayete ave but usually only for a block or two because it’s too dangerous. You have to take the lane because there is not enough roof for two lanes of traffic and a bike. However the cars are alway racing each other down Lafayette and they honk at you and pass close when you do take a lane. Lafayette is a nice through street that I would take often if it had room for bikes. I recommend a two way bike lane, like PPW, but I would take just a wide lane with a buffer like DeKalb Ave.

  • @chrismcnally

    I would imagine a two-way lane is very unlikely given the lane you mention one block over, on DeKalb, which is basically the same street as Lafayette but in the other direction.