Live: Javelin Covers Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” Friday Night at Glasslands

02/15/2011 12:06 PM |

Untitled from Keith on Vimeo.

Those arty sound mashers known as Javelin kicked off the weekend by playing to an insanely packed Glasslands along with Highlife and Monster Rally in a party sponsored by Stuff Hipsters Hate, which means, of course, that hipsters loved it. I got there early to down some free wine from Bear Flag during the open bar, only to learn why people don’t drink red wine at crowded shows. So, yeah, that big red splotch on my t-shirt is like, a fashion statement, or something.

Javelin make music that sounds like someone hacked a Game Boy, cooked up some hip-hop samples and started playing in a Bushwick loft from the FUTURE. The band, consisting of Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford, is originally Providence, R.I., although they live in Brooklyn now because, well, duh. I’ve been a fan of their newest album, No Mas, for awhile but had never seen them live. They didn’t disappoint. Like good DJs, they rarely break the beat, continuously blending songs into each other and incorporating random snippets of hip-hop hits from the likes of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne (above) into their act. Tom seemed super enthusiastic, repeatedly giving shout-outs to the people of Egypt, which prompted cheers from even the most jaded of hipsters. In fact, the crowd was pumped all night, dancing with wild abandon, free red wine and Rolling Rock tallboys coursing through their veins. The band finished their set with “Vibrationz,” their most bouncy, summer-ready anthem yet.

Oh yeah, the bands before them were pretty good too, especially Highlife, who sound very Animal Collective-y, what with their spritely Afropop filled with pleasing vocal harmonies. A good show all around, with the loud, constantly dancing crowd to prove it.

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