Mutilated Cat Corpse Discovered in Prospect Park

02/15/2011 3:20 PM |


When two Prospect enthusiasts stumbled across a black garbage bag near the lake on Sunday, their instinct was to open it up. After touching the trash sack, “I knew there was an animal inside immediately,” Ed Bahlman told the Brooklyn Paper. Inside, he and noted goose-advocate Anne-Katrin Titze found the corpse of a cat. More disturbing, its ear had been severed. “No animal could have done that,” Titze said. The discovery tops the recent string of borough cat abuse, as well as a year’s worth of mangled-animal dumping in the park.

Last year, Prospect was the scene of a series of gruesome dead-animal discoveries, painstakingly chronicled by the Paper: It started with the discovery of a few bloody rocks in March, then a few more. Then, some smashed turtle shells, scraped clean of meat, and some dead fish. Then, at least eight severed chicken heads, plus piles of eviscerated intestines. Then, a dead dog; then, a dead raccoon and oppossum. In October, a decapitated goat-body was discovered, days before its head. It could be Santeria-related, but some experts think not: that one or more lunatics are simply murdering animals and dumping the remains in the park. (Usually, in the lake.)
The spokesman for the park wants to make this clear: “It’s not like people are going around killing and harming wildlife in the park,” he said, walking right into this: EXCEPT THE HUNDREDS OF FUCKING GEESE WHOSE SLAUGHTER YOU FACILITATED.

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  • Thanks for informing us of these horrors that continue to occur at Prospect Park without address.

    The motto of PP seems to be, “If we cannot fully create a heaven for people, we will at least create a hell for animals.”

  • Prospect Park is becoming more like Excellent Prospects for Death in the Park.