Park Slope Pavilion to Become Marginally Less of a Shitshow?

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02/08/2011 10:43 AM |


For an old movie palace in an ideal location, the Park Slope Pavilion has been consistently troubled since Norman Adie reopened the old Sanders in the mid-90s. Adie subsequently sold the theater (moving on to Brooklyn Heights and major fraud), and it’s flipped through the hands of various corporate entities since, getting worse all the while: indifferently managed, with failing heat in the winter and failing A/C in the summer, and beat up seats in weirdly shaped theaters chopped up for the sake of adding a few extra screens. (There’s also a long-shuttered cafe on the second floor.) All this, of course, was before the bedbugs.

Late last week, the Pavilion’s beleaguered manager sent a letter to the website Park Slope Parents, denying three years’ worth of bedbug accusations while also apologizing profusely for the stake of the theater and laying the blame at the feet of corporate—that is, the digital exhibitors Cinedigm.

The manager, the Park Slope Patch reported last week, “believes that the primary function of the theater is to serve as a test site for Cinedigm digital movie technology, and is perhaps the reason why endless requests for repairs from theater staff are never met with any answers at all from the company.”

Yesterday, the Patch followed up, having been belatedly contacted by someone from corporate: “We are definitely in the process of making some big changes there,” said an executive. (“The specifics have not yet been revealed,” the Patch notes, “but the theater is currently accepting bids.”) She continued, equally vaguely:

It’s an 80-year-old theater, when we first got it put in a bunch of changes,” said Calcaterra. “We’re in the process again of a very significant overhaul of a lot of the infrastructure. We apologize for the situation right now but its definitely on our radar.

New seats and carpets are planned; the executive also admitted that once, they found a bug—not that they’re sure it was a bed bug!—and are now spraying regularly.