Park Slope Pavilion’s Absentee Corporate Overlords Let Boy Manager Pick Out New Upholstery During “Renovation” Process

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02/22/2011 4:25 PM |


Earlier this month, it was reported that the indifferent corporate owners of that tragically dilapidated old movie palace the Park Slope Pavilion were planning at least cosmetic renovations to the run-down theater. The plans were vague, partly because, as a Fucked in Park Slope contributor detailed, Cinedigm, the digital projection company that bought the theater to showcase their technology is losing money and now primarily interested in divesting themselves of the theater. Hence, perhaps, the cosmetic renovations detailed today in a Brooklyn Paper follow-up.

New seats, is basically the gist. This is no small thing, as the entirely representative picture above right indicates,

The Pavilion’s poor, poor 23-year-old manager, Ross Brunetti, who contributed to the uptick in media coverage of the theater’s decrepitude by issuing a public letter of apology earlier this month, is hard at work, poring over swatches for the new seats: “’Choosing the color scheme is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,’” he told the BP, poignantly coating abject professional despair in a transparent layer of affable self-deprecation.