Priced Out of Soho, the Ohio Theater Will Reopen in West Village

02/22/2011 3:39 PM |

The new Ohio Theater, Ohio West, at 666 Washington Street, the Archive Building

The Ohio Theater, that storied Soho Off-Off Broadway institution operated by Robert Lyons‘s Soho Think Tank that was forced to leave its 33 Wooster Street loft last year after almost 20 years, and has been in residence at 3LD in the Financial District since then, has found a new home: the Archive Building (pictured) at 154 Christopher Street in the West Village.

The Times‘s Rachel Lee Harris reports that a new 73-seat theater in the historic building, to be dubbed the “Ohio West,” has been signed over to Soho Think Tank for a subsidized ten-year lease, to begin in the fall. The company’s annual summer play festival, Ice Factory, will take place June 22 to July 30 at 3LD, and conclude “Ohio Interrupted,” the company’s residency way downtown. Remains to be seen whether the new space has as much character as the Wooster Street theater, but it’s heartening to see one of Downtown’s best non-commercial theater companies get a new lease on life.

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  • Perhaps of note is that the Archive is across the street from an NYU dorm, the Greenwich Hotel, which houses 300+ plus college sophomores who choose to live in the West Village. I can’t imagine this will *hurt*, anyway.