Seriously, Who the Hell Is Arcade Fire?

02/14/2011 4:46 PM |

Not Lady Gaga

  • Not Lady Gaga

Now that Arcade Fire owns the world, it was only a matter of time — in this case, less than 12 hours — before someone created Who Is Arcade Fire??!!?, a collection of Facebook and Twitter posts expressing the titular question in varying degrees of rage. So far, highlights include:

“Yeah. Who is Arcade Fire?! Compared to Gaga… no one.”

“Congratulations to all 10 people in the world who have ever heard of Arcade Fire before.” (Ed. note: Thank you.)

“How can this group get album of the year when they didn’t even have as many top 10s as Gaga. Did this group even have a number 1 hit?” (Ed. note: No, actually.)

“What is an Arcade Fire and why are people excited for it?”

And the genuinely confused:
The Grammy people have lost their mind… Who are the Suburbs and how in heck did they win album of the year?”

Read more here, including thoughts from finger-on-the-pulse cultural critic Rosie O’Donnell.

One Comment

  • Arcade Fire has proven their talent many times over, and deserves the win. Sorry that generic bands/artists didn’t take the spotlight as per usual, but THIS IS a band who deserved it. Its rare for a band who is not so known to win, but look at the bigger picture and realize that they are just like anybody else, looking to be respected and acknowledged in the music industry. You made Canada proud Arcade Fire, we love you!