Sex Slavery on the Rise in North Brooklyn

02/16/2011 3:27 PM |

This week, two reports of sex slavery have emerged from north of Flushing Avenue. Yesterday, the Post reported the story of John Hopkins, a 45-year-old who lured a Midwestern 27-year-old to Brooklyn on Craig’s List with the promise of free rent in exchange for cooking and cleaning services; it turned out he actually had sexual services in mind, as he immediately raped the woman upon her arrival at his Humboldt Street apartment in Greenpoint, and beat and raped her repeatedly for the subsequent nine days until she contacted her family, who notified police. “Hopkins let her leave the apartment several times throughout the week so she could report to her new job at a restaurant in the city,” the Post reported, “but the victim never called 911 or her family until Feb. 12.”

This morning, the Brooklyn Paper reports in their Bushwick police blotter that a 28-year-old who repeatedly raped a girl half his age was finally arrested this week. “The thug began sexually assaulting his victim last March inside a Grand Street apartment near Keap Street,” Aaron Short writes, “and continued the abusive relationship through January, until the victim reached out to authorities.”