Spider-Man Musical Hit With Parody Lawsuits, Real Labor Department Violations

02/14/2011 9:49 AM |

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark snl parody

Just a day after the actor-injuring Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Broadway musical’s producers were handed two safety violations from the New York State Department of Labor on Friday over accidents that resulted in injuries to three actors—two stuntmen who broke wrists and feet during rehearsals, and one who fell twenty feet from a suspended bridge into the Foxwoods Theater basement near the end of a preview performance—Saturday Night Live took another swipe at the show with a hilarious ad for Gublin & Green (after the jump), a law firm specializing in lawsuits over injuries caused by attending or performing in the musical. All the plaintiffs received settlements from one to forty tickets (and a souvenir hat) to the Broadway musical that had injured them.

The Times reports that the Department of Labor violations carry no monetary penalty, but mean that the musical’s crew must continue to implement new safety measures put in place following the accident last month in which Christopher Tierney was not properly fastened in his harness and fell into the basement, breaking four ribs and a shoulder blade, suffering three fractured vertebrae and a hairline skull fracture.

Officials from the DoL will continue to perform unannounced safety inspections on the show to make sure that the additional stagehands—two per harness—are fastening every rope and wire properly. If they observe future violations they may repeal special variances given to the show allowing actors to be swung over the audience, which would significantly reduce business for the law firm in SNL’s spoof commercial.