Taxmen Amok in Park Slope, Shuttering Local Favorites

02/23/2011 3:43 PM |


Last week, tax officials took possession of Scalino, an Italian restaurant on 10th Street and Seventh Avenue and a neighborhood favorite, affixing their notorious orange SEIZED notice to its front windows. The owner had neglected to pay over $200,000 in sales taxes, but soon struck a deal that allowed the restaurant to reopen days after it had been locked shut.

Tax officials, meanwhile, moved on to their next target.

The blog Here’s Park Slope reports this morning that Harry Boland’s has been locked and marked with an orange sign of its own. The iconically black-and-red bar, on Ninth Street just west of Fifth Avenue, was for me a favorite place to stop after summertime classics concerts in Prospect Park. No word yet on whether it’ll reopen.

In the meantime, Slope businesses better tie up their tax-related loose ends. Just like Bay Ridge is a favorite destination of meter maids, Park Slope is clearly the tax marshall’s go-to ‘hood.