The Hot Chocolate Month Mid-Point, In Which Things Get a Little Bit French

02/16/2011 4:31 PM |


While the last few weeks have had distinguishable yet peculiar flavors, as we pass the middle of February, The City Bakery has really started to bring the crazy. I missed out on the Love Potion flavor on Monday, but I made sure to drop in for the equally mysterious Moulin Rouge, offered today.

Fortunately not tied in any way to the schizophrenic, Nirvana mash-upping and tuberculosis-stained Nicole Kidman musical from the early 2000’s or the actual famous Paris cabaret, I’m not entirely sure why this flavor got its. Regardless, it’s pretty fucking strange and by all means worth a taste. Unlike many of the previous week’s offerings, the Moulin Rouge is created with a dark chocolate base, which has a bitter flavor that works well, with the hints of pomegranate and lemon that shine throughout. While certainly not bitter or sour enough to induce duck face, it’s certainly a departure from the almost sickeningly sweet milk chocolate flavors of the last few weeks. This one is definitely worth hoarding all for yourself, given that it probably won’t cause vomiting. Tune in again next week, when I will sample the “What Would Faulkner Drink?” flavor.