The Wooster Group’s Dailies Video Blog Reveals Vieux Carré Process

02/02/2011 11:47 AM |

Seminal Soho experimental theater company The Wooster Group begins a four-week run of its heavily mediated postmodern version of Tennessee Williams’ mostly-autobiographical (and entirely excellent) Vieux Carré (1977) at the Baryshnikov Arts Center tonight, but if you’ve been following their fascinating Dailies video blogs you already know all about the show. You’ve also already watched this next clip, in which company friend Maura Tierney tours the BAC with Mikhail Baryshnikov and a camera mounted on her waist.

Williams’ play, briefly, concerns a nameless young man newly arrived in a New Orleans boarding house where he—a depressed, gay, poor, starting-out writer with a cataract—slowly comes to know the other, similarly sorry souls occupying the filthy rooms adjacent to his. The Wooster Group’s been developing its version since November of 2008—not quite as long ago as Steve Cuiffo, who we just interviewed about, among other things, his experience with the company, went from intern to company member. But, as you can glean from any number of Dailies, Wooster’s Vieux Carré looks nothing like Williams’, channeling many of the intimate vignettes through the lens of a photographer who, in the script, only appears once and lives beneath the main character’s room. So, yeah, lots of video screens in this one. Don’t miss it.

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