Well, That Didn’t Take Long: LCD Soundsystem Sells Out Four Nights at Terminal 5

02/22/2011 12:15 PM |


According to Brooklyn Vegan, it took about 45 minutes for all four LCD Soundsystem shows at Terminal 5 to sell out. With capacity at the venue sitting at right around 3,000, we’re talking an additional 12,000 tickets sold, on top of however many were sold for the MSG show, say 15,000. So somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 people will see LCD Soundsystem perform live between March 28th and April 2nd, all right here in New York City. How’s that saying go again? We win? Maybe so, but some simple mathematics here will clear up one thing: We didn’t win nearly as big as Mr. Murphy did. And good for him—we’re not nearly as talented, either.