Whitney Museum Joins Foursquare, Offers Much-Needed Discount to Badge-Earners

02/09/2011 4:14 PM |

Whitney is on Foursquare

The Whitney Museum has just joined Foursquare, a bit of social media marketing that would be a lot less newsworthy if it hadn’t also occasioned the creation of a Whitney badge that gives those of us who can’t really afford the UES museum’s price a significantly reduced $5 entrance fee (for a limited time, and only once, of course).

In an announcement sent out yesterday, the Whitney explained that in order to unlock the Whitneyphile badge (which, when shown on your smartphone as you purchase your ticket, provides said $5 entrance though May 31, 2011), one must check into the museum’s Madison Avenue location twice, and once to one of the following related sites:

– Former location of Whitney Museum founder Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s residence and studio (19 MacDougal Alley)

– Former location of Edward Hopper’s first New York City studio, 1910 (53 East 59th Street)

– Former location of Edward Hopper’s Studio, 1913−1967 (3 Washington Square North)

– Former location of The Whitney Studio Club, 1918−1923 (147 West 4th Street)

– Former location of the Whitney Museum, 1931−1953 (8 West 8th Street)

– Former location of the Whitney Museum, 1954−1965 (22 West 54th Street)

– Site of the Whitney’s future building in the Meatpacking District (Corner of Gansevoort and Washington Streets)

So go forth (“fourth”?), get those Foursquare check-ins and visit the Whitney for much less than the normal price (of course, once you factor in the new phone, as I will have to do, this might not be such an awesome deal, but who cares).