Would it be Shitty if We Were to Say that the Best Thing About This New Black Keys Video is that You Barely Have to Listen to the Black Keys?

02/10/2011 11:44 AM |


Much as I have tried to like The Black Keys, if only because there’s a double 10″ LP version of Brothers that was pressed on really high quality vinyl at 45rpm and is supposed to sound really awesome, I just don’t: I find their particular take on bluesy rock to be annoyingly unadventurous and severely lacking in character. But alas, they have a new video, for the song “Howling for You,” featuring some b-list celebrities and, incredibly, a whole lot of really distracting voiceovers, to the point where I kept clicking through different open windows to see if the sound was coming from somewhere else. Fortunately, the song contains exactly one musical idea, so you don’t really have to hear the whole thing anyway. Perfect!

One Comment

  • I like the Black Keys pretty well but I also sort of agree with you about their limitations. I know that’s supposed to be by design, and I kinda dig that I only had Rubber Factory on my ipod for like a week before I could tell a Black Keys song coming up on shuffle within its first four seconds or so, but I get distracted by how straight-ahead they are: the title and the first 30 seconds give away the game in like half of the songs on Brothers. But all of that Rolling Stone praise makes a lot more sense now.