Bay Ridge Congressman is a “Scumbag”

03/17/2011 10:42 AM |


  • Scumbag

Congressman Mike Grimm is a scumbag. Hey, I didn’t say it—that’s just what his constituents told the Brooklyn Paper. The comments came at a micro-rally held by the National Organization of Women outside the 86th Street subway station, held to protest the Bay Ridge-Staten Island representative’s opposition of health clinics and the use of federal money to buy health insurance plans that cover abortion. “Grimm has also been under fire,” the Paper reports, “because he also supported a provision…that required rape to be ‘forcible’ before a victim could get a publicly financed abortion.”

“He’s a scumbag,” Peter Loukas, of Staten Island, told the Paper. “He doesn’t want to give women access to things they need.” His was not a minority view.

“What he’s doing is selfish,” Joshua Rivera of Sunset Park chipped in.
“Would I vote for Grimm? No,” a Bay Ridge resident added.

A majority of Bay Ridge residents wouldn’t vote for Grimm—he lost Brooklyn in the election, only taking his seat thanks to the support of Staten Islanders. (He has one of the crazy gerrymandered districts.) They probably didn’t support him because Grimm is not only a “scumbag,” he’s one of our stupider congressional representatives.

“Grimm…has said publicly that he believes that the American people do not want to fund abortion,” the Paper reports. Of course, Grimm doesn’t represent “America”—he represents the people of his district, who will hopefully give him the boot come next November. (Provided the district doesn’t have to choose between him and another of its notoriously awful congressional candidates.)